The Dirtsurfer: New Bike And Skateboard Hybrid Thing

It's part bike and part skateboard and it looks all fun. It's the Freestyle Dirtsurfer and it's a new hybrid like toy for all of you X Games types who can't wait for winter to get here soon enough. One neat touch is a Razor-scooter-like brake on the back wheel so you don't end up in the ER the first time you try it on… » 8/22/08 11:00pm 8/22/08 11:00pm

Student Develops Cheap Power Turbine For Developing Nations

It's one thing to tinker in your garage to restore that old gas-guzzling muscle car that you think will get you some action. It's something entirely different to invent an electricity-generating wind turbine out of scrap parts that could revolutionize personal power in developing nations, especially if you're in… » 8/20/08 12:20am 8/20/08 12:20am

Exit's Neutron Multiplayer Gaming Platform Coming To iPhone

Exit Games has a multiplayer gaming platform, called Neutron, on PCs, mobile devices, game consoles, and BREW phones. It works across devices and hardware, so you can play someone on their PC via your handset. And now it's ready for the iPhone. Today it was announced that the Neutron system of social network-like… » 8/19/08 11:40pm 8/19/08 11:40pm

Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 In Japan, Totally Sold Out

We just got word from Microsoft that the Xbox 360 is totally sold out in Japan, and that's just how they like it. Microsoft's console has been outselling Sony's Playstation 3 lately at a rate of almost 3 to 1, with the Xbox selling 28,116 last at the start of August while Sony sold only 10,705 PS3s. Nintendo beat both… » 8/19/08 11:20pm 8/19/08 11:20pm

Motorola's Q Going Windows Mobile 6.1 Through AT&T

The Motorola Q is finally getting the Windows Mobile 6.1 treatment through AT&T, who's stores are said to be taking in shipments of a new silver version of the handset. This is good news for enterprise customers who are tied into the WinMo world. No word yet on when these will hit the shelves, or if there will be an… » 8/19/08 10:00pm 8/19/08 10:00pm

Dealzmodo: Apple Drops iPod Touch Refurb Price To $199

Apple's been slowly dropping the price of refurb 8GB iPod touches on its website, and now it's cheaper than ever at $199. That's $100 off the regular price of $299, not to mention it's a 33% discount. If you've been wanting one of the awesome media players and internet tablets, this is about as good a deal as you're… » 8/19/08 12:30am 8/19/08 12:30am

EpiCard Makes EpiPens Look Fat By Comparison

Some medical students have come up with a handy replacement for the EpiPen called the EpiCard. It's roughly the size of a credit card and has built-in audio instructions on its use to help the patient self-administer the treatment if needed. Those of us with hardcore life threatening allergies have to keep a treatment… » 8/18/08 8:20pm 8/18/08 8:20pm

Logitech's V550 Nano Wireless Mouse Docks With Your Laptop's Top

Many laptop users prefer mice instead of trackpads. The promise of the laptop is untethered portability, and in that spirit Logitech has a new wireless mouse that helps keep your busy hands free, attaching to a dock mounted on your laptop when not in use so you can more easily take it from place to place. The mouse… » 8/13/08 4:00am 8/13/08 4:00am

Chrysler Gearing Up For In-Car Wi-Fi In 2009 Models Via Autonet

Chrysler is poised to be the first car manufacturer to offer built-in internet access in its vehicles. The service, called Uconnect Web, uses existing wireless data networks for internet access it then shares with devices in the car via Wi-Fi, essentially turning your car into one big hot spot. The core device, which… » 8/12/08 9:00pm 8/12/08 9:00pm

Fox And Apple Selling Special Edition X-Files: I Want To Believe iPods

To celebrate the not-so-bad-but-really-not-great film The X-Files: I Want To Believe, Fox has partnered with Apple to release these special edition iPod classics and iPod nanos. The pair consist of a regular 80GB classic and 8GB nano but with nice portraits of Mulder and Sculley looking very serious and mysterious… » 8/12/08 7:09pm 8/12/08 7:09pm

Samsung Working With Developers To Optimize Solid State Drive…

Samsung is working with software developers to increase the performance of Solid State Drives for computers using the Sun's ZFS file system, which the next version of OSX Server, aka Snow Leopard, can take advantage of. The way traditional HDDs handle data transfers is different than how SSDs do, and it's Samsung's… » 8/09/08 2:30am 8/09/08 2:30am

Lightweight Batterly-Powered ElectricFlyer C Mini-Plane Takes Off On…

The ElectraFlyer C is a carbon fiber-shelled mini plane that runs on electricity, and it also looks like a lot of fun. It's a mash-up of a commercially available glider body and a lightweight battery and motor/propeller assembly. It can fly for 90 to 120 minutes at up to 90MPH, and you can recharge it in about six… » 8/08/08 7:30pm 8/08/08 7:30pm

Man Held On Domestic Violence Charges For Spanking Adult Daughter Over…

Let's say your 20-year-old daughter runs up an astounding $5000 cellphone bill from talking to her good-for-nothing boyfriend too much. Do you a) cancel her service and make her get her own phone? b) reprimand her and block the offending number from the phone? c) grab her and spank her like she's seven. If you… » 8/07/08 11:00pm 8/07/08 11:00pm

Asus's Pulse-Sensing Vit W1 Wireless Laser Mouse Reports Your Heart…

The Asus pulse mouse is just what it sounds like: A mouse that measures your pulse as you work at your computer. It sends the information via its wireless connection to software running on your PC that keeps track of your heart rate and displays it graphically. It's not meant for everyone, but anyone using Windows… » 8/07/08 10:20pm 8/07/08 10:20pm

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 To Ship With XP In US; No Linux Option

If you're interested in the recently announced Lenovo IdeaPad S10, and you're in the US, we hope you like Windows XP. The US market won't get the Linux option the rest of the sub-notebook's customers will, but any self-respecting Linux user would wipe the drive and put their own favorite flavor on, right? [IT World] » 8/07/08 12:00am 8/07/08 12:00am